Snack Time with Snack Box

Snack Box “On-The-Go” of KFC will re-launch at KFC stores in Viet Nam! Teens will have a so cute partner everytime. KFC Snack Box “On-The-Go” will go with teens everywhere and everytime to share the moment! See more

KFC Happy together combo!!!

KFC launched the promotion “Happy Together Combo” for customer such as See more

Order KFC by new hotline to get the Pepsi cans!!!

To celebrate the Chizza launching, KFC will give 02 pcs Pepsi cans when you order by hotline 19006886 See more

Chizza – Pizza no crust, all chicken!

From the famous cuisine idea of Italy, KFC will launch the unique product: Chizza – Pizza no crust, all chicken. See more

Lễ bốc thăm đợt 2 chương trình “Đón năm Dậu – Tậu quà to”

Lễ bốc thăm đợt 2 chương trình “Đón Năm Dậu – Tậu Quà To” đã được công ty KFC Việt Nam tổ chức tại TPHCM và Hà Nội vào ngày 10/3/2017 See more

What to eat on lunch?

When lunch time come, you were worried about the question “What to eat on lunch?. Now you will have the simple answer with KFC special combo for lunch include Pepsi, that’s enough for your lunch only from 35,000 VND. See more

KFC Peach Tea–Fresh tea, delicious peach!

Dear KFCers, “wonderful” Peach Tea is available in KFC. See more