Please download "KFC Vietnam" mobile application on both App Store (for iOS) and Google Play (for Android) to easily order KFC food and parties online, search nearest restaurant location and get the latest promotion updates from KFC with simple touch on your mobile device.

Click the following icon to download the application:

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Choose your language: Vietnamese or English



An area option will be popped-up on your phone screen. Please select the area you’d like to get the order delivered.

Using buttons "+" or "-" to set the quantity of menu set. In case you’d like to add more, touch "ORDER MORE" to select more items, or "CANCEL" to cancel selection. Then touch "ORDER" to proceed your order.



Choose "ORDER LIST" to review details ofyour order. To change the number of sets, you can use the buttons "+" or "-". If the number is 0, that set will be automatically disappeared in your list.

After a successful order, you will promptly receive a confirmation email and KFC operator will call you directly to inform you about the order and delivery time.




Touch on the "RESTAURANT" to start searching the location of nearest KFC restaurants in your area.

Choose City and District accordingly with your favorite area, then touch "SEARCH". The system will display a list of KFC restaurants within selected areas.

Firstly, we would like to thank you for using our products & services. To make the using of this application more useful, please kindly read following notes/terms:

1 About application:

    Mobile application of “KFC Vietnam” to offer the online ordering right on your smartphone. You can order KFC meals, locate the nearest restaurants in your area as well as directions via Google Maps. You can also get the most updated new products information and latest promotions from KFC. The application supported for both Android and iOS.

2 Updates:

    These terms will be updated accordingly by KFC Vietnam; updated version is posted on our website at: http://www.kfcvietnam.com.vn/en/order_smartphone. You can look up in the Application - Terms or access to our website for more information on updated version.

3 Application ownership:

    This Application is developed and fully owned by KFC Vietnam. All of intellectual rights concerned about application including unlimited source code, pictures, data, information, content of application; changes, addition, updates of application and related usage guidedance materials/documents (if any) are owned exclusively by KFC Vietnam. The unauthorized reproduction or distribution of this copyrighted work is illegal, except having the acceptance via written confirmation from the owner.

4 Usage:

    For using this application, you need to access to Apple Store (for iOS) or Google Play (for Android) to download application and install it on your smartphone. When using this application to order KFC meals, you have to abide by some KFC Vietnam’s rules and provide the correct information/details. All of your rights and obligations will be based on the information you provide. We have no duties for any wrong information that you provide which effects or limits your rights.

5 Limits:

    have the right to use our application and other services that we provide. However, these following illegal actions/proceedings are strictly prohibited:

  • Copying, modifying, reproducing, recreating new product or version based on our application.
  • Selling, transferring, franchising, revealing or other transferring or delivering a part or whole application to the third party.
  • Using application to provide service for any third party (organization, individual).
  • Moving, deleting, changing any official notification or signs which are owned by the application (including but unlimited rights claims)
  • Redesigning, translating, fixing, and reversing design or content of application.
  • Changing or cancelling the original status of application.
  • Using application to sabotage/harm KFC Vietnam’s network security system, including but not restricted usage data or access to the main server system, access to our network for the purpose of deleting, changing and adding information, releasing harmful programs, and virus or processing any actions to destroy network system.
  • Using application by means of compatible software belonging to other party or undeveloped, unauthorized system not approved by KFC Vietnam.
  • Using, selling, loaning, changing, connecting, translating, publishing, announcing information concerning to the application, building mirror website to notify this information or develop some extra products, careers or services.
  • Using application or other services which supported by KFC Vietnam in any forms to break the law, for the purposes of illegal doings.
  • Other ways of infringing the laws.

6 Violations:

    In case there are any individual break the law concern to the terms, KFC Vietnam has the right to abolish information & violated contents. Besides, the person breaks the law will have the responsibility to the authorities, KFC Vietnam and third party for all of damage happening, depending on level of violations.

7 Right to access and collect information:

    When using our application, you have to admit that we have the right to use some API systems to access data on your cell phone. (1) Read and write to contacts, (2). Get your current location while being approval. (3) Rewrite data of Application to memory card, (4) Access Internet from your device. All of accesses are performed if only we have your acceptance, therefore you need to guarantee and realize that, when you assign access privileges for us, you would not have any complaints to KFC Vietnam about these accesses.

With the right to access, we are going to collect your information

Personal details: including your original registered information in order for us to confirm some data, such as your name, phone number, ID number, E-mail address;

General information: it is like configuration of your phone, your KFC Vietnam version that you are using on your phone

Your local information: your data of location will be stored on our server to help you use searching function of the application.

We do not use any measure to track the message’s content, exchange message or any forms to keep track of users when using this application.

8 Commitment about confidential information:

    KFC Vietnam applies safe communicating methods and encrypts to transmit and store your personal data and contacts. We guarantee that all of your provided information to KFC Vietnam will be kept strictly confidential. Furthermore, we commit that not to reveal to any third party unless getting request from The Government.

9 Fees and Charges:

    No any of fee or cost is charged by using this application.

10 Contacts:

    For any further queries please feel free to contact to us at: lienhe@kfcvietnam.com.vn; or

KFC Vietnam, Level 12, BlueSky Office Tower; 01 Bach Dang Street, Ward 2, Tan Binh District, Ho Chi Minh City. Tel: (028) 3848.9828.

Thank you very much!