Crazy Price - 19K with KFC!

Hot News! 1 pc KFC fried chicken only 19,000 VND, KFC fans can enjoy KFC fried chicken as much as possible.

K-Thank – Saying thanks with KFC!

Year end and start of new year is a perfect occasion to express and praise good compliments and admiration toward family, friends, colleagues, or even yourselves for sharing love, compassion and contributions throughout the year.

The perfect couple K-Pep!!!

The perfect couple K-Pep will return! KFC will give 2 pcs Pepsi “Tet” version when you order by hotline 19006886, order by website or mobile app “KFC Vietnam” on iOS and Android.

KFC Double Dip KFC – Double dip yourself, double fun itself!

Double Dip Chicken is a brand new and super-fun experience of double dipping KFC crispy chicken tenders into multiple choice of sauce and cornflakes.

What to eat on lunch? Value lunch combo only from 25,000 VND/pc

When lunch time come, you were worried about the question “What to eat on lunch?. Now you will have the simple answer with KFC lunch meal only 25,000 VND. If you work in office or study in school, you should come to KFC to enjoy your lunch. So good, so saving!

Veggie Menu – The power of Vegetables from KFC!

From the power of Vegetables, KFC will launch the Veggie Menu. The concept is from usual ingredients replaced by fresh vegetable.