Operation Policy

2.1    Placing orders

To order meals on website: kfcvietnam.com.vn, the Customer may perform under the 02 following methods:

1st Method: Oder meals online by following the steps on the website kfcvietnam.com.vn.

•    The Customer select the desired meals shown in the "Menu" category.

•    The desired meals will be inventoried in the "Your Cart", in which showing details of servings, unit price of each serving price and total price of the Order. The Customer may change (add, remove) servings at this step.

•    Upon completion of the order, the Customers select "Check Out".

•    In the field "Shipping Information", the Customer will provide the required information including: Full name, Address, Town/City, Telephone number, Email and then select "Deliver To This Address".

•    In the field “Confirm Your Order”, the Customer will review the order information and select “Confirm Order” to complete the order in the system.

•    The system will send an email about orders of the Customer within 05-10 minutes and will contact the Customer to confirm within 15 minutes after the selection of the “Confirm Order” button on the website by the Customer.

2nd Method: Call to the 19006886 call center

•    The Customer will make a phone call to the call center for supports by operators.

•    The Customer order the meals provided on the website, leaflets or brochures introducing servings of KFC Vietnam to the operators for their acknowledge, then the Customer will be required to provide the delivery information by the operators, including: Full name, Address, Province/City, Telephone, Email, other requirements for delivery (if any).

•    The employees of KFC Vietnam will take the order, confirm the order and delivery within 30 minutes or more upon the receipt of the order.

Notes: By ordering on the website kfcvietnam.com.vn, the Customer acknowledges and agrees the following conditions/notes:

•    KFC Vietnam only accepts online orders from 9:00 am to 21:00 pm.

•    KFC Vietnam only accepts orders having total price at least VND 80,000.

2.2    Payment policy when ordering on Website: kfcvietnam.com.vn

Direct payment at the delivery place

After orders have been placed, delivery staffs of KFC Vietnam will notify the Customer on the delivery. The Customer is earnestly requested to make the payment in cash or vouchers (if any) at the delivery place, the delivery staffs will issue valid sales invoices after the delivered orders are checked by the Customer.

2.3    Order confirmation for online order on Website: kfcvietnam.com.vn

Upon completion of the online order via kfcvietnam.com.vn website, the system will automatically send a confirmation email to the Customer's mailbox.

Within 10 minutes, the operators of KFC Vietnam will contact to confirm, process, and complete the order procedures. In case of no feedback, the Customer is earnestly requested to directly call the hotline 19006886 to directly reflect on the order.
In most cases, the Customer will receive an email together with the order information within 10 minutes from the moment where the Customer place order. If the Customer still not yet receive such order confirmation after that time, please check the spam or the spam filter of the email.

2.4    Delivery Policy

After the receipt of the order, the delivery staffs of KFC Vietnam will deliver to the address provided by the Customer within 30 minutes or more. At the time of delivery, the Customer is requested to check the meals according to the order printed in the invoice and the amount of money required for payment. The Customer is earnestly requested to make payment in cash or vouchers (if any). The delivery will be completed upon the confirmation of the Customer on the sufficiency of the meals.


•    The delivery time may be shorter or longer than expected because of the weather, overloaded orders at the store, the address provided by Customer is too far from the store or the address of Customer is misdirected with the different address. Then, KFC Vietnam will notify to the Customer as soon as the event which causing delay in delivery may occurs;

•    In case the Customer changes its address or require to adjust orders, it is supposed to only be done within 03 minutes after the confirmation of the meals and address for delivery.

•    The adjustment of the order for changing the meals will not be accepted if the Customer notice such adjustment after 03 minutes from the receipt of order by KFC Vietnam.

2.5    Change and returns policy

a.    Policy on change of order:

After placing of order, the Customer may contact the call center to request the operators of KFC Vietnam to adjust orders within 03 minutes after the confirmation of the order. All adjustments of the orders exceeding the above time will not be accepted. KFC Vietnam  reserves the right to refuse the orders which have the total value less than VND 80,000 after being adjusted. In case the Customer detects that the delivered meals are putrid, stale or in bad quality … then KFC Vietnam will immediately conduct the verification and change the meals within 30 minutes upon receipt of complain from the Customer.

b.    Policy on return of order:

If the putridness, staleness… of the meals are detected the Customer are earnestly requested to immediately notify KFC Vietnam via telephone number 19006886 to complain, KFC Vietnam will appoint staffs to directly check at the address of the Customer make the change of meals, if the Customer refuse to change the meals, KFC Vietnam will refund the Customer in accordance with the value of the such putrid, stale food.