Zabb Shaking – So Yummy!

This summer, Let’s travel to Thailand with KFC, and enjoy the new flavour “Zabb shaking”

Zabb shaking, a brilliant seasoning featuring a taste of lime & chilli originated from Thailand cuisine, is added to shake up the flavours of KFC Hot Wings and Popcorn to bring out the crunch of sourness & spiciness.

Only add on 3,000 VND, you can get KFC Popcorn or Hot Wings with Zabb Shaking.

  • Popcorn Zabb Shaking (R): 40,000 VND
  • Popcorn Zabb Shaking (L): 60,000 VND
  • Hot Wings Zabb Shaking (3 pcs): 52,000 VND
  • Hot Wings Zabb Shaking (5 pcs):74,000 VND

The product is available at all KFC stores. Apply for dine-in.


What to eat on lunch? Value lunch combo only from 35,000 VND/pc

When lunch time come, you were worried about the question “What to eat on lunch?. Now you will have the simple answer with KFC lunch meal from 35,000 VND.

Temaki – A Nori Zinger Wrap!

From now on, KFC will launch “Temaki” at all stores in Viet Nam.

Order KFC until 11:00 pm!

From now on, KFC will apply order until 11:00 pm. After 9:00 pm, you want to eat KFC?!!

KFC Home De Combo with best discount!

Discount up to 30% for KFC Home De Combo! Order KFC Home De Combo to get the best discount

Back to school with KFC!!!

Dear KFC fans!!! Are you ready for back to school with KFC??? Back to school with the KFC stationery gift set so cute for everybody.

Birthday Party With KFC!!!

When you book the birthday party at KFC, your kid can choose the  best color of birthday party accessory collection with style design are invitation card, party hat, birthday board, balloons for decoration. Your kid will so exciting with this collection.

KFC discount 50% - Wow?!!

Discount 50% for KFC fried chicken?!!! The big deal is for “K-fan” to enjoy KFC fried chicken with Hot & Spicy, Original Recipe, Non Spicy Crispy.


KFC Vietnam introduces a totally new 3-item range of dessert Mochi Pineapple, Mochi Chocolate and Pineapple Pie.