Birthday Party With KFC!!!

When you book the birthday party at KFC, your kid can choose the  best color of birthday party accessory collection with style design are invitation card, party hat, birthday board, balloons for decoration. Your kid will so exciting with this collection. The decoration of birthday party is so important, KFC will help decorate the balloon at your party corner with new style. Besides the birthday party can not success if we don’t have the KFC food with special price and hostess for your party.

You can choose the combos below:

  • Combo Lucky only 79,000 VND/pc: 1 pc KFC fried chicken + 1 pc French Fries (R) + 1 Pepsi (R)  + 1 pc KFC Cone.
  • Combo Windy only 95,000 VND/pc: 1 pc Shrimp Burger + 3 pcs Mashies with Gravy + 1 Pepsi (R)
  • Combo Candy only 105,000 VND/pc: 1 pc KFC fried chicken + 2 pcs Fish Sticks + 1 pc Egg Tart + 1 Pepsi (R)
  • Combo Rainbow only 115,000 VND/pc: 1 pc KFC fried chicken + 1 pc KFC Popcorn (R) + 1 pc Egg Tart + 1 Pepsi (R)
  • Combo Sunny only 125,000 VND/pc: 1 pc KFC fried chicken + 1 pc Shrimp Burger + 1 pc French Fries (R) + 1 Pepsi (R) + 1 pc KFC Cone

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KFC Home De Combo with best discount!

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What to eat on lunch? Value lunch combo only from 35,000 VND/pc

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This summer, go Maldives with KFC!

The summer is coming! It’s so good if you have chance to travel to Maldives and take the activities with ocean. You can enjoy KFC food and get the chance to win the prize Maldives trip and more.

49K/pc Seaweed Cheese Chizza – Happy Hour!

Hot news for KFC fans! 49K/pc Seaweed Cheese Chizza with 100% chicken crust pizza, only at KFC stores in Viet Nam at Happy Hour 10:00 am – 4:00 pm everyday.


KFC Vietnam introduces a totally new 3-item range of dessert Mochi Pineapple, Mochi Chocolate and Pineapple Pie.

Mashies – Fried Mashed Potato Balls!

Hot news! KFC will lauch the new snack for teens. You can try new snack and go sightseeing or go to school. KFC Mashies, new snack, fried mashed potato balls, an appetizing snack made of a crispy crust on the outside, a soft savoury mashed potatoes on the inside, with sweetish Vegetables filling or thick delicious Gravy sauce filling.