KFC Vietnam introduces a totally new 3-item range of dessert Mochi Pineapple, Mochi Chocolate and Pineapple Pie.

Mochi, a traditional Japanese rice cake that has been enjoyed as an celebratory food in Japan’s special occasions, were offered to Gods for luck and prosperity.

Mochi has a rounded-shape and soft made-of-sticky-rice skin, stuffed with cold cream mousse and sweetened either pineapple paste or chocolate paste at the core.

Pineapple pie features lightly sweet pineapple fillings wrapped with a thin crispy crust covered with a crunchy layer of flakes.

The price is from:

  • Mochi Chocolate: 14,000 VND/pc, 35,000 VND/3 pcs
  • Mochi Pineapple: 14,000 VND/pc, 35,000 VND/3 pcs
  • Pineapple Pie: 9,000 VND/pc, 25,000 VND/3 pcs

The product is available at all KFC stores in Viet Nam. Apply for dine-in, take away and delivery service.

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What to eat on lunch? Value lunch only from 29,000 VND/pc

When lunch time come, you were worried about the question “What to eat on lunch?. Now you will have the simple answer with KFC lunch meal only 29,000 VND. If you work in office or study in school, you should come to KFC to enjoy your lunch. So good, so saving!

Wow with Monday Promo! 2 pcs KFC fried chicken only 39K!

2 pcs KFC fried chicken only 39k? Wow! The KFC fried chicken storm returns and becomes the big storm on Monday everyweek at KFC stores.

KFC Piñamago – a unique taste from KFC!

“KFC Piñamago, an inspiration from Hawaiian cuisine, is genuinely combined KFC’s Hot & Spicy Chicken with thickened pineapple juice sauce and sprinkled on top a garnish of lightly sour mango spices and parsley flakes, to create a harmonized dish of flavourings.”

Veggie Menu – The power of Vegetables from KFC!

From the power of Vegetables, KFC will launch the Veggie Menu. The concept is from usual ingredients replaced by fresh vegetable.

Mashies – Fried Mashed Potato Balls!

Hot news! KFC will lauch the new snack for teens. You can try new snack and go sightseeing or go to school. KFC Mashies, new snack, fried mashed potato balls, an appetizing snack made of a crispy crust on the outside, a soft savoury mashed potatoes on the inside, with sweetish Vegetables filling or thick delicious Gravy sauce filling.